How to setup an affiliate website

How to setup an affiliate website

In this article, you will learn how to set up an affiliate website. Before we get onto the how-to steps to setting up your website, let’s take a few minutes to understand affiliate marketing in general. An affiliate is an individual or company that promotes another company’s products or services to generate sales. Below is how to set up an affiliate website.

1. Decide which affiliate network to join

Any product or service offered by a company or individual with an online presence, be it a membership site, offer site, forums, and blog. To generate sales, companies and individuals are willing to pay affiliates for the referrals made. When choosing between affiliate marketing networks, there can be many different factors taken into consideration such as commission per sale, where the products are hosted, who has inventory control, etc. but the two most commonly used in the world of affiliate marketing are; Commission based or Voucher Based .

Commissions per sale

The more money you make from your affiliate program, the better. For example, Amazon pays its affiliates about 10% or less of any sale made through their referral program. This is a tiny percentage and is not necessarily worth it if your goal is to generate a significant amount of money from your site.

Voucher Based

A Voucher based affiliate program is much more lucrative, as you get paid when a customer purchases a product or service. This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases something on that site, you will get paid the set amount of money the admin has set, regardless of the cost involved.

2. Create a new domain

Creating a website is often the first thing on your mind when you think about creating an affiliate site. Many people overlook that you will need to generate traffic before you can start selling anything. This is done by promoting your website and creating interest in the products or services you will offer. This is where traffic generation techniques come in. The first thing you want to do is register a new domain name. You will want to register your domain name for both the sake of branding and for the sake of making sure that no one other than yourself has access to your affiliate link information. If you are running ads on more than one site, make sure that you have a separate domain name for each site. If you do not change your tracking code each time, they will become confused and start tracking data incorrectly, which can be disastrous if you have been tracking sales all month and at the end of the month, it turns out that your numbers are incorrect. Before you begin creating your website, you must choose a unique and engaging name. Do not use a name that is already in use. It is recommended that you use a name that is unrelated to your niche to avoid any confusion.

3. Decide what type of affiliate site you are going to build

Many people like to start a new website with a blog and then add pages and pages of products. This is not necessarily a bad idea, but you need to be careful when choosing the type of content you end up housing on your website. Do not overwhelm your readers and make it appear to be sold to. To avoid this, try to keep it on one page as people tend to get disinterested when they scroll down a website too far. Companies often use affiliate links in the form of links or text, but this can cause problems if someone looking for information about that specific product then clicks on your link. People often find affiliate links in the form of a product name, such as ‘pumpkin spice,’ or the name of a product with a link underneath. These links are often not seen as affiliate links and therefore do not generate any revenue for you. It’s important to actively promote your website by sharing information about products or services that you are promoting through social media and forums.

4. Decide on where to host your site

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the location of your new website. Choose the hosting option that best suits your needs, but does not be afraid to experiment. You can even use a free service such as to get started on building and hosting your site. WordPress is a free, open-source platform that allows you to create and publish content, be it articles, blog posts, or even pages throughout your site. WordPress offers some features that allow you to create an engaging website easily. Some people like to use WordPress to develop their websites, but there is no need. You can also use your site-builder plugin, such as Site Origin Optimize, and build your website without installing WordPress. However, you will need to be aware of the risks involved if you decide to go this route. Some webhosts block access from these plugins, and your website may not function correctly, which can be very disappointing for your users. The advantages of using a free service are that you have complete control over everything on your site, you have full access to all themes, plugins, and everything else included with a WordPress build. WordPress also has built-in support with search engine optimization, which helps you rank your site higher on the search engine list.

5. Create your domain name and hosting account

Once you have chosen which website building software best suits you, it’s time actually to choose a domain name for your site. Choose something that is memorable and creates interest in what you will be offering on the site. Avoid choosing a keyword-rich domain name, as Google bans these from the search results. An example of this would be a keyword-rich domain name: ‘’ This is an excellent example of a keyword-rich domain name. Picking something related to your niche is always a good idea, but do not choose a domain name taken by another site, as this can cause problems with your site and may make it appear inactive. Once you have chosen which product or service you will be promoting, find the best supplier and place your order. It’s important to read reviews about the suppliers you will be ordering from before you place an order to ensure that they are trustworthy and provide top-quality products for reasonable prices. Creating a hosting account is not too difficult, and many companies also offer free web hosting. You create an account on your server of choice and add additional services such as FTP, email accounts, and databases. When you purchase the required service pack or package, these can be added to your account.

6. Choose a hostname for your site

After choosing a hostname that achieves what your site will be about, it’s time to choose a domain name that can best be associated with that particular website. Using a keyword-rich domain name is not a good idea for several reasons. Firstly, the more times people search for your domain name, the higher your chances of getting found. Secondly, user-generated reviews are entered in Google’s search engine results, vital to a site’s success. Using a keyword-rich domain name can often result in some negative comments. It would be best to choose an original and catchy domain name closely related to what you will be offering on your website. For example, Kettle Black Coffee provides high-quality coffee beans, and to ensure that all of your customers receive the best tasting coffee beans possible, it would be wise to choose something like ‘awesome coffee beans.’ This can be a good thing, but you will need to look at the features included with each of the free services. WordPress offers several different features, including the option to have a subdomain on your main domain, but this can be used for very little.

We hope the information above was educative and useful to you. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or need help creating a new website. Creating your website can seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s straightforward to do with the help of a little patience and the right tools. You’ll need to be careful with what you choose as an affiliate site name, so ensure that you try and come up with something unique. You can use the steps outlined above to create your website in no time at all.

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